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Why Should Women Use Puressence Pads?

What makes Pure Baby Diapers better then other brands?

About Us


Why Choose Us

  • All natural.
  • No bleach, naturally white.
  • Helps prevents cramps and pain.
  • Helps prevent odor.
  • Prevents spreading of bacteria.
  • Stays dry throughout the day.
  • Helps prevent cervical cancer.
  • Absorbent polymer gel that could put an end to back flow.
  • So much more comfortable. puressence pads pure baby diapers obgyn


How We Can Help You

  • PurEssence is our breakthrough sanitary napkin that addresses not just the hygienic demands of a woman during her ‘period’, but also her health and well-being through the pad’s Anion (negative ion) strip. 

  • They can strengthen immunity, increase blood circulation, improve metabolism, provide relief from asthma and allergies and enhance concentration among others. puressence pads pure baby diapers obgyn


Experience the Difference

  • Do you have cramps and pain?
  • Do you have odor?
  • Do you experience dampness? 
  • Have you suffered from UTI’s?
  • Do you have irregular cycles? puressence pads pure baby diapers obgyn

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  • Monthly required purchase
  • Earn an additional rewards as you refer more people
  • Rewards can be used toward purchases or redeemed as cash puressence pads pure baby diapers obgyn

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Distributor Program

  • We have up to 9 ways to get paid through our network marketing program. The number of ways you earn is based on the package you purchase, which is for product and more. You can upgrade your package at any time. puressence pads pure baby diapers obgyn

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Business Center Program

  • Puressence Pads is a marketing company that allows you to work this program through direct sales or network marketing. pure baby diapers obgyn

  • Earn Unlimited Streams of Income

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